Windsor Style Pizza Arrives in Toronto


Two former Windsor residents are bringing Windsor style pizza to Toronto.

Chef Rene Chauvin and chef Gaetano Pugliese have opened Ambassador Pizza Co.

The two first discussed the idea about four years ago and say they have a passion for Windsor pizza.

Pugliese says they wanted their "home" style pizza in Toronto.

"It's just something we kind of did out of necessity," says Pugliese.  "We're both chefs in the city and we thought what a great way to bring a piece of our heritage to Toronto then to open up the first Windsor pizza company in Toronto."        

They held a soft opening last weekend and were fully booked with pre-orders.

Chauvin says 95 per cent of the customers were former Windsor-Essex residents, now living in Toronto.

"I'm from LaSalle, I'm from Erie Street, I'm from Tecumseh, I'm from Belle River, it was great," says Chauvin.  "As one customer said, you guys are like the new little embassy of Windsor, Ontario in Toronto because we didn't have anything that connects us all up here."  

Chauvin says they do have to describe Windsor style pizza to some customers.

"Not only are we trying to convert Toronto people to a different type of pie because everyone sort of thinks, we are tied in with Detroit pizza and that is farthest thing," he says.  "It's like comparing fried rice to risotto, we are two different things and the reception here was great."       

Chauvin and Pugliese say they worked with David Mancini of Italia Bakery on the dough.

Ambassador Pizza Co. is located at Bloor and Delaware and officially opens Wednesday.