Windsor Tecumseh will come down to outstanding mail-in ballots


For a second straight election, the riding of Windsor Tecumseh was another nail-biter and as of Tuesday morning a winner has not been declared.

As of 6 a.m. with 243/244 polls reporting, Liberal candidate Irek Kusmierczyk has a slight lead with 31.6 per cent of the vote compared to NDP candidate Cheryl Hardcastle's 30.7 per cent.

Speaking on the AM800's Morning Drive, Kusmierczyk says his team is feeling good but they're not celebrating yet.

"There's still about 2,000 ballots to be counted. These are the special ballots or the mail in ballots and so we feel we're in a good position but we won't know one way or the other until Elections Canada confirms and we expect to get that at some point either today or tomorrow morning."

Hardcastle is vying to reclaim the seat she previously held in 2015, before Kusmierczyk took the riding in 2019 with just 629 votes separating the two.

He says given that the 2019 race was so close, they expected another tight battle this time around.

"We knew that the campaign and the election was going to be very close," he continued. "We knew that from the get go, it's what we heard at the doors as well. We knew it was going to be a nail biter and a rollercoaster ride and that's exactly what happened last night."

Kusmierczyk says the top issues he heard from voters were around affordability and getting through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given another minority government on our hands, he says they've demonstrated that a minority government can work really well when all parties work on behalf of their constituents.

"And can be there for Canadians when the chips are down and we showed that during the pandemic as well. That's what Canadians want, they want us to work together, they want us to roll up our sleeves, they want us to reach across the aisle and to get things done," Kusmierczyk said.

The Liberals are set to form a minority government after Monday night's results, but the exact seat count for every party is still yet to be determined as more mail-in ballots across the country are counted.