Windsor Trainer And Client Applies To Be On The Amazing Race Canada

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The next edition of the Amazing Race Canada could have a unique Windsor couple in the running.

Angela Yakonich lost 140lbs in 2.5 years with the help of her trainer Brad Bellavance.

The two have applied to be on the Amazing Race Canada and have heard from the producers that they are interested.

Yakonich says it took a lot of hard work and sustainable life changes to lose the weight.

"I struggle with anxiety and depression, especially in the winter and I was traveling for work and I was in Toronto in a hotel room and I was just beside myself and I contacted the gym that Brad was working at," said Yakonich on AM800's the Morning Drive.

While on vacation, her friend suggested Yakonich apply to be on the face.  Yakonich said at first she laughed but then texted Bellavance with the idea.

Bellavance says for people who are struggling with their weight, help is available.

"My best advice is find something that will hold you accountable," he says. "So for Angela it was paying for personal training. If you are going to pay first whatever the session might cost, you are going to make sure you are there because you don't want to lose on that dollar value."

There is an 18 year age difference between the two Yakonich admits she hasn't reached her goal with her weight.