Windsor Urged to Accept Donation of Extra Needle Bins


A Windsor committee wants the city to accept a donation of five yellow sharps bins and assume the costs to maintain them.

The Windsor-Essex Community Health Centre is donating them as long as the city can pay for the costs to dispose of the needles.

During a seven month period, the city's current nine bins have collected about 44, 000 needles.

The numbers are based on weight, as it isn't practical to hand count each needle.

Executive Initiatives Co-ordinator for Windsor's Community Development and Health Services, Sandra Bradt admits the figures are shocking, pointing out that without the bins, some of those needles may have returned to the streets.

Bradt says the additional five bins are not a necessity, but they could prove useful.

"It wasn't necessarily that we were saying we need to have an additional five, ten, twenty bins, it was more that the community health centre said we have five bins that we are prepared to donate to you, if you are able to assume the costs and have locations for them," she says.

The cost to maintain all of the city's bins would be about $53,000.

Bradt says right now, information is being gathered to determine where those possible bins would be located.

"Through that data and a site evaluation by our partners at Windsor Police Services, we will make some recommendations to the committee and double check their recommendations and approvals against the 311 data to make sure that we place those bins where they will be best used," she says.

Bradt is encouraging the public that if they spot a needle, to call 3-11 so they can collect the data to determine the proper location for the extra bins, if they are accepted.

Windsor city council will deal with the issue in October.