Windsor West candidates discuss the environment in virtual debate


A few of the federal candidates running in Windsor West were given a chance to showcase their plans for the environment during a virtual debate Wednesday night.

The event was hosted by GreenPAC as part of a Canada-wide initiative called '100 Debates on the Environment.'

Liberal Sandra Pupatello, Margaret Villamizar with the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada and incumbent Brian Masse of the NDP showed for the event which covered a number of issues like climate change, the future of the auto industry and the housing crisis.

Pupatello questioned the lack of Conservative participation in the debate.

"We know it's neck and neck right now with the Conservatives and the Liberals. It's hard to have a climate change debate when the Conservative candidate isn't even on our screen right now. We know there's a potential that they could actually be the government. That would be a disaster for all of us, I truly believe that," she said.

Villamizar says an election should have never been called.

"This election was called after the fourth wave of a pandemic was declared, families worried about sending their unvaccinated children back to school," Villamizar continued. "It's an affront to Canadians because almost everyone in that House voted in May, I believe, to say that an election shouldn't be held during the pandemic, that it would be irresponsible."

Masse is in agreement, calling Liberal leader Justin Trudeau "selfish."

"Does anybody really know right now why we're having an election during the pandemic? Because we have a selfish Prime Minister who has decided to spend the money on this versus actually moving our country forward. We have made a difference as New Democrats, but I know we're growing and getting stronger because of the inaction on climate change and the lost opportunities continue to mount," Masse said.

Conservative Anthony Orlando and Matthew Giancola of the People's Party of Canada did not attend the debate.

The federal election goes September 20.