Windsor West MP demands answers from government regarding blockade of Ambassador Bridge


The MP for Windsor West is demanding the Liberal government answer on their inaction to help the City of Windsor pay for the blockade that took place at the Ambassador Bridge earlier this year. 

On February 7, a group of people stopped along Huron Church Road heading to the Ambassador Bridge, protesting COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, halting traffic across the border from Windsor to Detroit.

Brian Masse is pushing the government to help the city and Windsor residents who are now facing a $5.7-million deficit after having to pay the bill for the added costs to policing, transit, emergency services, public works, among others.

Masse questioned the federal government by asking them, "Who is paying the price? Who has not paid? What will it take for this government to respect the people of Windsor and pay for the harm their lack-of-action has caused?".

Speaking on AM800's The Shift, he says he wants to know why no one is stepping up to pay this bill. 

"The city has asked for this money back a long time ago, hasn't gotten a response at all yet, and I find it ironic that the federal government hasn't paid a price, the Ontario government hasn't paid a price, the lobby groups that were pushing the government to actually have this action take place, and the businesses haven't paid a price. Who has paid the price is those residents around that area."

He says his questions weren't answered, but the government thanked him for his work on the border and blockade during that time.

"That's not what I want. I don't want a thanks, I want money. And so they didn't respond, so I'm particularly upset about that because there's a lot of stress and anxiety that was created by this situation and now there's further stress and anxiety because this bill has to be paid by the end of the year, or then it's up to the City of Windsor to figure out how they're going to deal with that around budget time."

Masse says Windsor has been 'put through the wringer' with no response from the government.

"It's been months and months, there hasn't been a response from Ottawa. I always want to work cooperatively but at the same time, it's time to roll up the sleeves and either they come to the table soon or we're going to have to continue to actually do advocacy that even goes beyond our area, because I've been reaching out to other border communities and other groups and organizations that know that this is payment that we shouldn't actually be suffering from."

The City of Windsor has sent a letter to the Liberal government dated March 15, 2022 outlying the hefty price tags removing the protesters and protecting the public. 

There has been no response from the federal government.