Windsor West MP encourages fraud victims to apply for compensation

Windsor West MP Brian Masse

Windsor West MP Brian Masse is encouraging Canadians affected by the Western Union fraud, to apply for compensation.

Canadians who were defrauded or sent their money to Western Union between January 1, 2004, to January 19 2017 are encouraged to apply to get their money back if they haven't filed a claim. 

According to a release, following investigations made by the United States Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice and the US Postal Inspection Service, Western Union admitted to aiding in wire fraud. 

They have agreed to pay $586 million that the DOJ will use to refund victims of the fraud.  

Brian Masse says many victims did not know they were affected by this. 

"You can just go to their website, check it out and put your name in and it will find out if you have done any work with Western Union over the time frame. They allowed your information, your data and other types of fraud scams to be accessing you at an unreasonable level and didn't do anything about it, so it will be divided up by how many people were affected." 

Masse says this will put money back into the pockets of Canadians affected. 

He says he has been pushing for changes in parliament in terms of protecting Canadians from fraud. 

"It took a company to admit that they weren't doing enough to prevent their customers from being affected, the reason Canadians can apply for the August 31st deadline is because it was international business that was taking place. That's just one way that the US has much better ways to protect people against fraud than Canada."  

The deadline to be a part of the settlement is August 31.

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