Windsor Window And Door Company Has National Goals


A Windsor Window and Door company has a strategy to become a national brand.

Sentry Window and Door has opened a location in Cambridge, will open soon in Chatham and isn't stopping there.

With 35 staff in manufacturing and installing in Windsor, they have 6 more people in Cambridge and 4 in Chatham.

Company founder Ken Sherman says they hope to be in 3 more location over the coming 18 months.

Sherman says they developed an approach to penetrate each community effectively.

"We sat down and created a marketing strategy for both expansion and existing market using broadcast as well as direct marketing initiatives like different shows and events.  But really the whole premise is being part of the community, right"

Sherman says they're maintaining most of their workforce locally.

"There's about half a dozen in Cambridge and there's 4 people for Chatham but everybody else is right here in Windsor and it's only growing we're in the process of hiring 3 more people right now"

Sherman says it is important to have staffing at the remote locations.

"When you don't have the infrastructure to support a customer base in the community, you want to serve outside of that location.  So our model stipulates that each territory has to be fully equipped in terms of service installation and sales and that's going to allow us to grow and be successful"

Sherman says they expect to open in London in the next few months and have an eye of Brampton-Oakville and possibly Barrie.

He adds there is a long term goal is to become a national brand with presence in every province by 2032.