Windsorites to Take Part in Worldwide Prayer


Windsorites and Detroiters will be gathering on both sides of the river for a special event Sunday afternoon.

Catholics will unite in prayer for the international "Rosary Coast to Coast" which will be happening simultaneously in every province in Canada and in every state across the U.S.

Coast to Coast Windsor Rosary Captain John Azzopardi says it's the second year for the ceremony in Windsor.

"It started three years ago in Poland and it spread literally all over the world," says Azzopardi.  "So we heard about it last year, we put a committee together and we organized it for Windsor and as I said, it will be happening pretty much in most provinces and pretty much in every state."

He says the ceremony is taking place in almost every province and state.

"The nice thing is that it's all at the same time so it will be 4 o'clock in Windsor and basically places like California, with the three hour time zone, they'll be having it at 1 o'clock," says Azzopardi.   

Azzopardi says last year's event attracted about 100 people.

"We're just hoping to have a good turnout and basically it's to pray for our country and pray for people all over the world," says Azzopardi.

Locally, the event is taking place at 4pm Sunday at Burt Weeks Memorial Gardens on Windsor's waterfront.

Along with Canada and the U.S., 50 other countries worldwide will be participating as well.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi