Work on Lauzon Parkway to be completed next year

Lauzon Parkway construction in Windsor, Ont. on Thursday, June 17, 2021. (Bob Bellacicco / CTV Windsor)

The re-construction of Lauzon Parkway has been put on pause until next year.

Phase 2 was initially set to begin this year to rebuild the north and southbound lanes from the E.C. Row Expressway to Cantelon Drive, but has been put off until next year because a provincial grant for road work on Huron Church is set to expire and there's not enough material to do both projects because of supply chain issues.

Gary Kaschak is the councillor for the ward and says unfortunately it comes down to supply and demand.

"It's just a supply issue, we've run into some supply chain stuff, there's always concrete and enough workers but some of the stuff that goes under the road, the rebar and different things like that is very hard to get. So, we'll focus on Huron Church right now, that new improvement there to make that bridge experience a little bit better and guaranteed we'll get back on the Lauzon Parkway."

He thankful that the first phase was completed.

"So that first stretch really made a difference last year, and it got done pretty fast, it was fast tracked. And they kind of get a nice ride through there then they get a little bit of bump and hump until they get to Forest Glade Drive or the Expressway. So it's calmed down a little bit, but it's on my radar, it's in my ward, and I'm going to make sure that it happens next year for sure."

He says he fully recognizes the need for Lauzon Parkway to be completed. 

"There's no doubt, it used to be 80 kilometres, it went down to 70, but people are still always going 10 over in that area, and you're going to feel it a little more the faster you go in that area, but it's on the list."

Due to a grant that the city has already received, Huron Church Road will be completed this year. 

Phase 2 for Lauzon Parkway has been pushed until 2023.

-with files from AM800's Rob Hindi