Workforce Windsor-Essex reporting nearly 6,000 unfilled jobs in August


If you're looking for work, now is the time to start applying for jobs.

This from Workforce Windsor-Essex CEO Justin Falconer who says last month there were nearly twice as many job postings compared to two years ago before the pandemic began.

August 2021 saw more than 5,700 active listings while August 2019 saw about 3,000.

Falconer says it's been quite a while since there's been this many jobs available.

"Over the last three months we've seen dramatic increases in demand for talent. This is a number we haven't seen for, I would say, over two years now. At the end of the day there are still jobs without people and people without jobs and we need to work even harder at that problem."

Falconer says many workers have moved on due to the pandemic leaving open positions.

"There's been a lot of transformation that's happened in economies and also in workers' lives," he continued. "I think some of those workers have gone on to find new employment and now that all these businesses have been reopening those employers have found it difficult to fully replace the talent that they had."

Falconer says businesses are opening back up and need employees.

"We've seen job postings increase. So we've seen these spikes of demand happen and we've seen this across a number of sectors. Retail, trade, accommodation, etc. So the last four or five months it's just been unprecedented demand," Falconer said.

Workforce Windsor-Essex aggregates job postings from 54 job boards across the region.

While local employers are looking to fill thousands of positions, Windsor's unemployment rate sits at 10.6% — one of the highest in the country.