WPL Board Asking City for Budget Increase for 2020


The Windsor Public Library is working on its 2020 budget.

Library Board Chair Rino Bortolin says the city has once again asked departments and city services for a 10% budget reduction.

He says the reduction is not realistic and would mean the closure of two branches, which the board opposes.

Bortolin says instead, the board is asking for a 1.4% budget increase compared to 2019.

"The library has decided to put forward a suggestion for two branches which would be Fontainbleau and Riverside to close but I don't see council having an appetite for going for that," says Bortolin. "It's just that we had put forward that because we were requested too."

He says besides closing two branches, there is no other way of doing a 10% cut.

"Not really much else, I mean it's a drastic cut," says Bortolin. "I mean you're looking at over $800,000 that's necessary for a 10% reduction so I think what you saw is the discussion about the other things that were put forward. So you're looking at a request for $100,011 increase for the public library and all the investments that we put into the community."       

The city is expected to hold budget deliberations the week of January 27th, 2020.