WPS announce anti-noise campaign and online reporting option


The Windsor Police Service has announced an Anti-Noise Campaign that's set to run from this week until September 5, with a new on-line option for making noise complaints as well.

In a release, police say they've noticed increased public concerns surrounding noise pollution in the communities over the years, especially related to unnecessary vehicle noise. 

Ward 3 Councillor Rino Bortolin says being considerate about noise is a discussion that happens around this time of year, every year.

"We tend to be very enthusiastic about our vehicles in this community. Whether it be the revving of motorcycles, revving of classic cars, it's just be considerate. In a lot of these areas, especially late at night, the noise and revving of the vehicles is literally shaking the walls and shaking pictures off the walls in some of these buildings," he said.

The focus of the campaign will be on noise created from vehicles, however it's not limited to vehicle noise and all unnecessary noise may be subject to investigation. 

Officers will be out enforcing legislation available to target noise in an effort to increase the quality of living for the residents of Windsor and Amherstburg. 

Bortolin says it's a real issue for many in the community.

"Obviously this is something I think that comes up every year, and people will say 'c'mon just deal with it, there's nothing wrong with it, it's just some fun'. But it really is an issue, and a quality of life issue for a lot of people who live in specific areas who have to deal with this year after year."

Both Windsor and Amherstberg have By-Laws with respect to the emission of sounds, and officers also have the ability to lay charges under the Highway Traffic Act in respect to noise and may use discretion as to which legislation to use when laying charges. 

Bortolin says he started getting calls two to three weeks ago about noise.

"And it's always in the same general areas, and it's a lot of the high rise apartment buildings where the complaints come from," he continued. "And so obviously those are areas that are hot spots in my area and they're traditional typical areas where people quote on quote cruise."

Bortolin says this doesn't mean that people can't enjoy their classic cars and motorcycles, or rev the engines, but more about being considerate of others and not doing those things past 8 p.m. at night.

Unnecessary motor vehicle noise isn't allowed nor acceptable within the City of Windsor or the Town of Amherstburg according to police.

Some examples include revving engines, squealing tires, excessively loud stereos, and the general loud noises caused by a vehicle.


- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi