WRH CEO calling vaccine passport system a step in the right direction


The President and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital is calling the province's vaccine passport system a step in the right direction.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, David Musyj the system could go further and could have also applied to employees working in the facilities.

As heard on AM800 news on Wednesday, the province announced a vaccine passport system to enter some public settings considered high-risk, including restaurants, theatres, gyms and other venues but not essential services like health-care settings and grocery stores. 

Musyj says he knows how "political" it is to make a decision on a vaccine passport system.

"They landed in a better spot than what I was anticipating they were going to land at and that's one of the recommendations by the science table is the use of things like vaccine passports to try and reduce the contacts," he continued. "That's the focus, is smaller groups, smaller settings, avoid large gatherings."

Musyj is questioning some details of the plan.

"Allowing the outdoor patios to have access without having a vaccine passport, to get inside you got to walk through all that and with Delta, the transmission rates," Musyj said.

The passport system goes into effect on September 22.

There will be exceptions for those with limited medical exemptions and children under 12 who can't be vaccinated.
At first, patrons will need to show a paper or digital receipt of vaccination along with ID.
On October 22, the province aims to launch a QR code and verification app for businesses to streamline the process.