WRH Moving Patients to Chatham and Sarnia


Windsor Regional Hospital is moving patients to other hospitals because there are no more beds available.

It's anticipated that as many as 20 patients may require transfer this week to Chatham and Sarnia.

Hospital President and CEO David Musyj says because Windsor is a regional hospital, they have to create capacity for the sickest people.

"And in order to do that, then we have to work with Bluewater and Chatham to take some of our less ill patients so we have the ability to take the very ill."

According to Musyj, one of the major limiting factors is the lack of private rooms.

"Because we have to isolate most of these patients, we have to move from semi to private and we lose a bed every time we do that," he says "So we lose 150 beds before we even start because of the age of our facility and the lack of private rooms."

Musyj says it's a team approach to decide which patients are moved.

"To make sure the patients that are moved can be cared for in those facilities and there is physician to physician discussions regarding that and again, they're more than capable as two acute care hospitals in caring for patients."

As of Monday, WRH has 74 in-patients admitted to hospital who have tested positive for COVID19 — much higher than the peak volume of 27 confirmed COVID-19 patients seen on any single day during the first wave last May.