WRH Prepared for Second Wave of COVID


Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) is prepared when it comes to a second wave of COVID-19.

In his prime time address to the nation Wednesday night, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he believes the second wave of the pandemic is already underway and that we are on the brink of a fall that could be far worse than the spring.

Hospital President and CEO David Musyj says one thing WRH did to prepare, was get the application in early to be able to open a second testing facility, which is already operational at the St Clair College Sportsplex.

"I'm not saying we're totally out of the woods in avoiding the influx of testing that's happening across the rest of the province, but I think we're better positioned because we wrapped our minds around it back in July," he says.

Because we are in a good position locally when it comes to testing, Musyj says he isn't too disappointed the province didn't include Windsor-Essex on the list of pharmacies that will be offering testing as of Friday.

"If local pharmacies can do it safely and have the ability to do it, and focus sounds like asymptomatic individuals, so maybe individuals who have to visit their loved ones at retirement homes or long-term care homes, that need to be tested regularly to go — so I think it's gong to happen, it's just a matter of time."

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Musyj says the WRH system is also prepared from a bed point of view.

"With respect to our beds at the hospital, we have preparations underway to help with capacity," Musyj adds. "And of course, we still have the St Clair Sporsplex available and ready to go and the ministry has supported the funding in that regard."

Ontario data indicates new cases among people in their 20s are on par with levels seen among people in their 80s in mid-April and health officials say bars and parties are key factors