WRH Recruits Part-Time Anesthesiologist to Address Shortage


A partial reprieve to the lack of anesthesiologists that resulted in some elective surgeries being canceled at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Wassim Saad says it has jointly recruited an anesthesiologist with Western University in London.

The new recruit will spend 50% of their time in Windsor and the other half in London.

"They will probably spend about two weeks here and about two weeks there and then alternate back and forth, but that's a part-time recruitment that was very necessary and needed to bridge the gap," says Dr. Saad.

As AM800 News told you back in November, some elective surgeries had to be canceled after two anesthesiologists left due to a medical illness and moving out of town — which left the hospital scrambling.

Dr. Saad says the hospital also has its eye on others to recruit.

"We also have about three other anesthesiology graduates that will hopefully start in the summer," he says.  "They usually end their training in May or June so I'm hoping in July we can recruit, at least one or two or hopefully all three of them."

Despite the new hire, he says canceled surgeries will continue into the new year.

"The expectation is that the reduction in the OR [operating rooms] will continue for at least three to six months,  I think the joint recruit with London is going to help alleviate the situation  but not enough to reintroduce those canceled OR."

Dr. Saad hopes the hospital can get back to so-called normal by July as long as the other recruits come through.

He says the hospital needs three full-time anesthesiologists to return to the usual surgical workload.