WRH seeing positive results with staff COVID-19 swab test initiative


A new initiative at Windsor Regional Hospital appears to be working.

President and CEO David Musyj says about 2,000 staff have been given swab test kits for COVID-19 and, as a result, the hospital has seen at least two cases where the spread of the virus was stopped.

Musyj says, in those cases, COVID was discovered early in staff members' children who were then able to isolate avoiding transmission in the home, hospital and community.

He says the program protects staff at home as well.

"They do have children who are under the age of 12 and they don't have access to vaccinations, but yet they possibly can catch COVID and, as a result, be carriers and bring it back to the household," he says.

Musyj says many staff have unvaccinated children at home.

"As a parent, if you're in a house, even with someone who's under 12, you're not going to be wearing PPE with your under 12 year old in the house, you're going to be with them," says Musyj.  "So one of the things that we wanted to put into place was take advantage of the self swabbing, the antigen testing, give it to all the staff that want to use it."

He says any step taken to reduce risk is a good one.

"We're dealing with a high risk environment here," he says.  "So how can we reduce risk of our staff catching COVID, passing it on to other community members, patients, other staff, their own families? How can we reduce that risk?"

Musyj says the swab test kits are just another layer of protection in keeping the hospital's staff and patients save.

The latest numbers show 98.5% of the hospital's roughly 4,100 employees are fully vaccinated.