Young Rotary Leaders to Host Ward 7 By-Election Debate


Candidates in Windsor's Ward 7 by-election will have a chance to debate the ward's important issues Tuesday night.

The Young Rotary Leaders Windsor 1918 will be hosting a virtual debate beginning at 7pm.

Club member Ryan Mancini says the majority of the 12 candidates have confirmed they'll be taking part.

Mancini says they're looking to cover a wide range of topics.

"We're hoping to help inform Ward 7 voters to make an informed decision when they vote in the by-election. The issues discussed will be issues that are important to Ward 7 and also issues that are important to the City of Windsor."

He says they're hoping for good participation from the candidates and residents.

"Many of the candidates are enthusiastic about participating in the event and a few of them have even told me that it's great that we're having it. So we're going to be happy to have them and hopefully we have quite a few Ward 7 residents watching as well."

Mancini says there's limited space to be part of the debate, but anyone can watch it via Facebook.

"We have a limit of 100 people in our Zoom event. I know the last debate did go over 100. If it goes over 100 you won't be able to enter the room, you'll have to watch by live streaming on Facebook."

AM800's Patty Handysides will be moderating the event.

A link to the debate can be found on the Young Rotary Leaders Windsor 1918 Facebook page.

Ward 7 residents head to the ballot box Monday, October 5.

The council seat became vacant when former councillor Irek Kusmierczyk was elected as the Liberal MP for Windsor-Tecumseh in the 2019 federal election.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi