Zoning for North Talbot Rd. Development Up for Approval in Windsor


Zoning for a residential development near Southwood Lakes is coming back to Windsor's Development and Heritage Standing Committee for approval.

The committee deferred the four storey building on the corner of North Talbot Road and the Sixth Concession in November of last year after neighbours raised concerns over privacy, increased traffic and the general look of the project.

Sixty-six units were originally included in the plan, but the developer dropped that number to 55 in order to lower the height of the building in several areas.

Ward 10 Councillor Jim Morrison says the proposed site of the building will now be as far away from neighbours as possible.

"They've moved it tight to the road and put parking and some green space behind," he says. "Where it gets close to some houses the proponent is actually tapering the building down from four storeys down to two."

He says the current zoning clearly isn't working.

"There's been a sign up there for ever for commercial use and it never materialized," he says. "The proponents have said, okay, commercial doesn't look like it's going to fly so lets build residential."

If approved, the zoning change will have to go before city council before an official site plan can come back to the committee.

The Development and Heritage Standing Committee begins its livestream Monday at 4:30 p.m.