Plans submitted to Ministry of Health for future of WRH's Ouellette Campus


Another milestone in planning for the new Windsor-Essex Acute Care Hospital.

Windsor Regional Hospital has submitted the plan for the Ouellette Campus to the Ministry of Health.

The submission details the services that would be provided at the hospital in downtown Windsor once the new regional hospital is open on County Road 42 and the 9th Concession.

Highlights include:
- An Urgent Care Centre that will operate 24/7,
- Diagnostic Imaging,
- Laboratory,
- Pharmacy Services,
- Medical Daycare,
- Outpatient Services, and
- Administrative Services.

Windsor Regional Hospital President and CEO David Musyj said in a statement that the plan highlights the hospital's commitment to ensuring patients in Windsor-Essex receive timely and accessible care after the new hospital opens.

"Residents in downtown Windsor will have access to urgent care services close to home, at a hospital-run urgent care centre where they will be treated by the same emergency-trained staff and physicians who work at the Emergency Department in the new acute care hospital," Musyj said. "In addition, patients will have access to medical tests, treatments, lab work and a variety of out-patient services at the Ouellette location."

Renal Dialysis will continue to be offered to patients in the Bell Building, which is also located on the Ouellette site. 

The submission is based on current and future projected patient volumes. It is designed to complement the services that will be offered at the new hospital site and incorporates the extensive community feedback received throughout the new hospital planning.

Brandon Bailey, Vice President of Redevelopment, says minimizing redevelopment costs by maximizing the reuse of good infrastructure in the old facility was a priority.

"While much of the current infrastructure is between 70 and 90 years old, there was investment in the Diagnostic and Treatment in 2001," said Bailey. "This submission represents a team effort to look at ways to make use of the existing infrastructure, as directed, wherever possible, while still ensuring a quality facility that meets modern hospital building standards and supports a safe patient experience."

The Ministry of Health Capital Branch will now review the submission and work with the hospital to ensure the final approved plan – together with the final plan for the new hospital - aligns with provincial expectations and standards for modern and efficient care and appropriately meets the needs of patients in Windsor-Essex.

A release from the hospital states that early plans for the Windsor-Essex Acute Care Hospital were submitted to the Ministry in April of 2023 year and WRH is on track to meet the timeline confirmed in Infrastructure Ontario’s latest Market Update that has the tendering process set to begin in 2025 and "shovels in the ground" by 2026.