The Late Showgram with Jim Richards

Jim Richards

Tired of all the professional talk show opinions about the news of the world?  Looking for a different take?  Well than you've found the right place.  Listen as host, writer, and political commentator Jim Richards takes Canadians through the news and social issues of the day.

  • Knock Knock Knocking on Jimmy's Door

    Do you like people who just drop in? (there's a knock on my door) Someone thought it was the "Pull it surprise" not Pulitzer Prize Jim Calls out the grammar police people Jim gets you to call in and sing  "the Jim Richards Showgram Jingle"'
  • Fighting the Urge to Go Back to the Angry Talk Topics

    Jim has the itch to do 'Serious Topics' Jim vs the News The Jim Breaks under the talk radio pressure    "I'm bacaaaak!" Intern Dave Cooper joins the show and talks about news, special k and other things you can't find in the USA.
  • Childhood Lies. Shy Bladders and the 27 Club

    Intern David Cooper, joins Jim to talk about what lies we told as children, but first we test to see if we have to put a 1 in front of the phone number for the call in lines! More stories from childhood - And we discuss what it's like to have a shy bladder. What are the LOST TAPES of The 27 Club? Jim talks to Ace Piva about the AI and the reason behind the music.  Where are the Covid fires in Canada? Biostatistician​ Ryan ingrund joins the show to explain.
  • Feels, Mindfulness, Movies and How to Deal with a Coworker you hate!

    4 ways to deal with a coworker you hate. What gives us the FEELS with the the good news of the week. Dan Riskin on being kind and mindfullness Can you get a ticket for farting - and other viral stories. The Richard Crouse Movie Game tells us what to watch this weekend! Jim Bits
  • Canada is #1! Who should accept the award for us?

    Celebrity Dead or Alive game. Canada is number 1! Jim sings O' Canada Who should accept this honour on behalf of  Canada? Ryan Reynolds ? Jim demands Anthony (Antonello) take dictation - and send note to production "we are the anti-bummer show" Asian woman calls out racist My equipment is not working. Leftover Pizza, fridge or counter
  • This is where you find out what an "Inner Beauty Contest" is!

    Is this thing working? Jim vs the News Intern David Cooper and the inner beauty contest The importance of Tongue Cleaning
  • Relationships and Commitment Issues: Warning you may want to throw up!

    Jim And Intern David Cooper talk about open relationships Jim talks about his commitment issues and therapy. Cancel culture, the Simpsons and Apu! Why do Aaron Rogers and his Fiance make Jim want to throw up?
  • Jest the News: Dave Martin and Pete Zediacher

    Ashley Madison want to rid the world of the word "mistress" Jest the news - Jim discusses news with comedians Dave Martin and Pete Zedlacher  Former 'Bachelor' Colton Underwood is Gay and More Jim Bits!
  • The Late Showgram with Jim Richards - April 14, 2021 - Hour 1

    Update on the shows plan to do something funny someday. Will Jim loose a friend over not letting a him crash at his house during the pandemic? Jim asked for calls to cheer him up.
  • The Late Showgram with Jim Richards - April 14, 2021 - Hour 2

    Jim Versus the News. David the Intern joins the conversation to take the Conversation to toilet.