SIU Calls off Investigation of Harrow Arrest


The investigation into an arrest in Harrow has been terminated by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU).

Provincial police responded to a mischief call on Secord Avenue the night of June 23.

According to the SIU, OPP arrived to find a 26-year-old man and arrested him after a brief struggle.

Investigators say the man was then placed in the back of a police cruiser; where he later "smashed his head and face off the Plexiglas partition with great force" while in the vehicle.

Paramedics were called and the man was taken to hospital.

Director of the SIU Joseph Martino says the injury was first reported as a brain bleed and a concussion, but was later determined to be a "subdermal hematoma of no significant mass or effect."

On Monday, Martino announced the SIU terminated the investigation because the injury is not serious in nature and falls outside their jurisdiction.