Tolls Increasing on Canadian Side of Windsor-Detroit Tunnel


For the first time in six years, toll rates are increasing on the Canadian side of the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel.

The city says starting on August 9, the toll rate for passenger vehicles will be $6.50 Canadian or $5.00 American.

Buses will have a toll rate of $9.75 Canadian or $7.50 American.

NEXPRESS users will also see an increase.

They will now pay $5.15 Canadian or $3.95 American for passenger vehicles.

Windsor-Detroit Borderlink Limited Chief Executive Officer Carolyn Brown says the board decided to delay toll increases until the border restrictions were lifted.

"On the Windsor side, we deferred any increases while the tunnel ceiling project was in place and the board opted to defer any increases while border restrictions were in place," says Brown. 

She says some tolls will be slightly different.

"What we're essentially doing is lining up our tolls to be consistent with the tolls charged on the Detroit side of the border," she says.

According to a city release, cash will be accepted on the Canadian side for the remainder of the year before shifting to a cashless model.

Toll collection on the U.S. side is currently cashless and will remain that way when the border reopens.

The land border crossings including the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel will reopen August 9 to fully vaccinated American citizens and permanent residents currently residing in the U.S travelling to Canada.