Town of Essex Deputy Mayor not seeking re-election


Town of Essex Deputy Mayor has decided to not seek re-election in October.

Steve Bjorkman, the current Deputy Mayor, has decided to not run again. He was first elected 8 years ago, and has worked in both Ward 1 and Ward 3. 

Recently, he was appointed to Deputy Mayor when Richard Meloche was appointed to the mayor's chair, leaving the seat open.

The shift in roles began when former mayor Larry Snively resigned after pleading guilty to a charge under the Municipal Elections Act.

Bjorkman says it was a difficult decision for him to make.

"I've really enjoyed representing the residents of Essex, in a couple of different Wards now, and now as Deputy Mayor, but I'm very happy with where we are in the town."

He says being Deputy Mayor was everything he could've hoped for, and he enjoyed the job. 

"Let's be honest, I'll say I enjoyed 90 percent of it, and 10 percent of it made me think 'what are we doing here?'. But, for the most part, it was really an honour to work for the people of Essex."

Bjorkman says he was pleased with the support and respect in the community while he was Deputy Mayor.

"And you're not going to make everyone happy, but that's not the job, the job is to make sure you do things to the process, to the procedure, to the bylaws and I think for the most part, we really did that."

Currently, Ron Rogers and Rob Shepley are the only two individuals running for Deputy Mayor.

The Municipal Elections will take place on Monday, October 24.