Unifor Local 444's Women's Committee remembers victims of gender-based violence


Unifor Local 444's Women's Committee continues to remember victims of gender-based violence.

A memorial service was held Tuesday morning outside of the Windsor Assembly Plant at the Marylou Hyjek Memorial Stone.

The committee remembered Hyjek, a former assembly plant worker who was killed by her husband in 1998.

Committee chair Sue McKinnon says the committee also remembered the victims of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre in Montreal.

"It's been 33-years as of today in regards to the Montreal Massacre and we're still here today talking about it and the uprise in regards to the violence against women," says McKinnon.  "It's just shameful." 

She says gender-based violence continues to happen worldwide and calls it unacceptable.

McKinnon hopes the community communicates more and educate themselves on gender-based violence.

"There should be even more information, education within the schools itself," says McKinnon.  "Contact your MP, contact your MPP and tell them we want a national action plan that's funded by the governments, it needs to start now.  If we're going to stop this we need them to actually put this in place to have it completed."       

There were 14 women killed in the Ecole Polytechnique shooting.  It happened in 1989.

The committee also remembered nurse Lori Dupont and 31-year-old Autumn Taggart.

Taggart was sexually assaulted and killed in her own apartment on University Avenue in Windsor in June 2018.

The University of Windsor also held a service Tuesday morning on campus at its Memorial of Hope between Dillon and Essex Halls.