UPDATE: Windsor Police to Carry Life-Saving Naloxone


Additional branches of the Windsor Police Service will soon be carrying the lifesaving drug naloxone.

On Friday, police say they anticipate the City Centre Patrol (CCP) and the Problem Oriented Policing (POP) Unit will be equipped with naloxone by the end of the year.

Officers in the Detention Unit have already been given access to the drug to respond to an opioid overdose.

Sgt. Steve Betteridge says stats show the City Centre Patrol and the POP Unit are the most likely to need naloxone.

"Those officers are deployed a lot in these areas where we notice the service does receive calls for overdose situations along with our POP Unit," he says. "It's looking at our numbers, risk assessment and it's looking at the best way that we can serve our community."

Betteridge says making the drug available in the Detention Unit was the first step while police crunched the numbers.

"That's kind of a wise move and a common sense move. That's where it should be deployed first and moving forward we expect it to be rolled out to a few other units," he added.

Betteridge says the POP Unit was chosen because it is deployed where needed if issues like a spike in illicit drug trafficking or use is identified.

Police will also be releasing quarterly reports on the number of times naloxone is deployed at its Detention Unit moving forward.