Video: Justin Trudeau visits Windsor for campaign stop

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau kicked off one of the final days of the election campaign in Windsor on Friday morning.

Trudeau visited the University of Windsor, and was joined by local candidates Irek Kusmierczyk, Sandra Pupatello, and Audrey Festeryga.

Trudeau was asked about making his final pitch, especially to more progressive voters, and admits it bugged him that experts deemed the NDP and Green climate change plans were more ambitious than the Liberals in 2019.

"I took that personally, and I decided you know what we're not going to have that happen again," he continued. "Even as we were dealing with this pandemic and putting all our efforts towards responding to this crisis I said let's put the same level of intensity and ambition towards the fight against climate change."

He says they consulted experts and some of the best thinkers out there to help design their climate plan this time around.

Trudeau was asked how, if the Liberals form government, would they secure investments in the Windsor Assembly Plant and further investment in electric vehicles of the future.

He says while every party is talking about bringing good green jobs to the economy, his party is the only one that's shown leadership on that front.

"Not just the OEM investments that we've seen over the past few years in electrification and electric vehicle production. The investments here in Windsor continue and will continue, but we've demonstrated not just on auto investments but on green industry across the country we are there for it," Trudeau said.

He gave examples of investments in wind turbines, electric trucks and buses, and the big steel companies pivoting to electrifying some of their operations as the kind of innovation on this file that can also succeed in Windsor.

"Similar approach here in Windsor where the tradition of extraordinary manufacturing, the people who work here and have worked here for generations have demonstrated the extraordinary advantage of Canadian labour in global supply chains."

The Liberal leader was greeted by a fairly hostile crowd outside of the University of Windsor, which has become a hallmark of his campaign stops over the last number of weeks.



With files from Rob Hindi