Violent crime rate down in Windsor


A decrease in violent crimes in Windsor.

Crime statistics released by the Windsor Police Service indicates the overall violent crime rate this year is down 7.9 per cent, as of the end of August, compared to the same time a year ago.

In August alone, the violent crime rate dipped over 27 per cent with 214 violations compared to 294 in August 2020.

It was the same case in July, as the violent crime rate decreased by over 13 per cent with 268 cases, 41 fewer than July 2020.

Windsor Police Service Deputy Chief Jason Bellaire says typically in Windsor, in the summer, we do see an increase in all crime including violent crime.

"A lot of that has to do with the destinations, multiple people attnending areas, some of the things that are just not happening in the pandemic scenarios. While we've opened up to some degree, we haven't opened up to the degree that we're used to in our city in the past few years."

He points out that they usually see an increase in all crime during the summer but there are some things that are just not happening in the pandemic scenario.

"I would expect that as the population numbers increase with vaccination, and perhaps we go back to what everyone calls normal, I would not be surpirsed to see more occurences simply because of the opportunity for more occurences to happen."

Bellaire also believes the work officers are doing with different groups to surpress and prevent crimes is a factor.

"That doesn't always come out because it's hard to reduce crime everywhere, it's hard to be everywhere. But I see a lot of dedicated service members who take it upen themselves to develop strategies and work with community members to reduce in a sustained way."

Violent crimes includes homicides, assaults and sexual assaults and other violent violations.