Windsor Council Rejects Open-Air Burning Motion


A motion to allow open-air burning in Windsor has failed.

The motion was put forward by councillor Gary Kaschak and was calling for a three-year pilot project that would have started in mid-September.

His motion included a number of items including allowing open-air burns from 6 p.m. until midnight, Thursday to Sunday with a permit.

"You could only burn certain types of wood, you couldn't do it in high wind conditions, you couldn't do it if the fire chief said it was unsafe or we had smog alert or air quality alert," says Kaschak.  

He was hoping making his motion into a pilot project would have received support from council.

"In 2023 we would let the council of the day look back at the three year project and analyze data and see if they would want to move forward with it on a permanent basis or not.”

Kaschak says he heard from residents who were in favour of his motion.

"There's certain people that do want this type of a thing and there's others that don't but I thought that might have been the way to approach the matter from a reasonable standpoint but also to get the majority of councillors to move forward,” he says.

Kaschak's motion was rejected in a recorded vote of 5-4 with Cllr. Holt absent.

Following the vote, councillor Jo-Anne Gignac put a motion on the table that passed in a recorded vote.

Her motion dealt with the city's open-air burning policy and a bylaw will be created where the city can issue and collect fines.