Windsor mayoral candidate unveils his 'Downtown Core Redevelopment Plan'


A mayoral candidate in Windsor wants to see continued growth in the downtown core.

Drew Dilkens says if re-elected, he would support businesses looking to open in the core through renewed Community Improvement Plan (CIP) enhancements.

"The stars have finally started to align and I'm certainly here to say that if re-elected, I will enact specific and dedicated strategies to renew, revitalize, to reinvigorate downtown Windsor," says Dilkens.

He says his Downtown Core Redevelopment Plan also includes increasing safety and security downtown, while adding more residential investments and establishing a Downtown Economic Development Corporation.

Dilkens says he would also push to get shovels in the ground at the former Grace Hospital site and get a new permanent downtown public library.

He says his plan also includes an Ouellette Avenue Pedestrian Zone that would see the roadway closed on certain days of the week between Wyandotte and University.

"There's ways to do this sensibly that would provide for a better atmosphere where we can have more people back downtown, enjoying their downtown and recognizing that with the right investments that it is safe, that they have nothing to worry about and it's good for the business down here as well to have that experience," he says. 

Dilkens says he would also like to see a new ice rink at City Hall Square.

"New larger community ice rinks at city hall, this is the start of our Civic Hall redevelopment process and putting an ice rink right in front of city hall because the Charles Clark ice pad has become prohibitively expense to repair," says Dilkens.    

According to Dilkens, in the last five-years, council has approved 30 CIP applications worth approximately $15-million for projects in the downtown core. 

Dilkens and current Ward 4 councillor Chris Holt are two mayoral candidates along with Benjamin Danyluk, Aaron Day, Matthew Giancola, Ernie Lamont, and Louis Vaupotic.

The municipal election is October 24.