Windsor's longest serving city councillor seeking re-election


Windsor's longest serving city councillor and only woman around the council table is seeking re-election.

Jo-Anne Gignac filed her nomination papers for ward 6 Monday afternoon.

"I'm not going to be offering an ice cream election where you're offering all kinds of things but you don't know how you're going to pay for it," says Gignac.  "I think I've been responsible, I think I've been a good advocate for the residents in this area and I'd like to continue."    

She was first elected to city council in 2003 and has been the only woman on council for the last three terms.

Gignac says she does not take the support from the community for granted.

"I spend a lot of time on front lawns and on the phone with people," says Gignac.  "It's something that I take very seriously.  When I make a decision, it's a decision that's been well informed in terms of doing my homework."     

She feels her record is a very public record.

"I think if you look at the broader prospective, close your eyes and if you want to ask in terms of my ward, is my ward a better place now than it was it '03 when I was first elected, your answer is going to drive you towards your ultimate move," says Gignac.    

Before being elected to council, Gignac served as a school board trustee for more than 10-years.

Dylon Graves, Beth St. Denis and Ashley Lafreniere are also running in ward 6.

Meantime, all current members of city council have announced their intentions except for mayor Drew Dilkens and ward one councillor Fred Francis.

Councillors Costante, Sleiman, Gill, Kaschak, McKenzie and Morrision are all seeking re-election.

Ward 4 councillor Chris Holt is seeking the mayor's seat and ward 3's Rino Bortolin is not running for re-election.

Candidates have until August 19 to file their nomination papers.

The municipal election is October 24.