Windsor's mayor seeking re-election


Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens is seeking a third term in office.

He filed his nomination papers Friday morning and announced his intentions near the site of the future NextStar battery plant.

Dilkens says he is anticipating a campaign focused on amenities such as the new hospital. 

"We all have records and I'm happy to run on my record," says Dilkens.  "I think people know what we've been able to deliver, they know the leadership that they get with Drew Dilkens and I'm going to continue to deliver for the residents of this city.  They know what they get with me and they know where I stand with important issues like the hospital." 

He says he's willing to work with all members of council but adds it's impossible to get everyone on the same page.

"I will work with any member of city council, that is how I've operated since day one but it has to be a two-way street," he says.  "You have to have councillors that are willing to commit to having conversations about important issues and that's not what we've seen with some members of council in this last term." 

Dilkens says his focus was on getting the NextStar battery plant process off the ground before putting efforts into the municipal election. 

"Monday of this week, everything was set through, there is no more city council political involvement in that process, everything is over the finish line from our side," says Dilkens.  "That was the most important thing to me because it is the biggest investment in our city's history so I didn't want things to get political and be distracted, that was too important to get over the finish line, we've done that, now we can focus in on the election moving into October."

Dilkens was first elected as mayor in 2014 after beating several candidates including John Millson and Larry Horwitz.

In 2018, he was re-elected after defeating a handful of candidates including Matt Marchand.

Prior to being elected as mayor, Dilkens was the ward 1 councillor.

Current ward 4 city councillor Chris Holt is seeking the mayor's seat in October's municipal election along with Ernie Lamont and Benjamin Danyluk.

Candidates have until August 19 to file their nomination papers.