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I was born in North Bay, Ontario - moving to Owen Sound, Ontario on my 5th birthday..(you still owe me a gift Mom and Dad). I attended high school in Chesley, Ontario home of "The Cougars" (really, google it). After a few fun years in London, for College and my first job I've had stops in Barrie - back to London, Winnipeg, Ottawa and back to London; again. I also consider myself a fairly successful CEO/CFO, in partnership with my wife, of TFB (The Family Business), which is just another way of saying we run our family like a non-profit corporation. In addition to the above I am my childrens driver and our dog’s walker.  And in the spirit of being transparent, authentic and open, I admit that I am addicted to weekends and sports, shopping, and using friends’ pools.  Thanks for listening.