Appeals adjourned, Court of Appeal filing deadlines suspended


To further reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal is adjourning all hearings that were scheduled for the upcoming May/June term and suspending all filing deadlines related to those matters.

A release says the exception will be cases determined to be urgent or essential by the Court.

Counsel or self-represented individuals who wish to argue matters should proceed on an urgent or essential basis should make their submissions to the Registrar in writing no later than April 10.

The judiciary says the requests will be considered by a panel of three judges to determine if they meet the urgent or essential threshold.

Time periods for commencing appeals under the Civil Procedure Rules will be suspended from March 26 to June 26, though this does not apply to appeal periods set out in other legislation. 

The Court of Appeal adjourned all but two of the hearings scheduled for the rest of the March/April term.

The two matters deemed to be urgent proceeded by telephone.

A release says all the adjourned hearings will be rescheduled this fall, with new filing deadlines to be set for those that were previously scheduled in May and June. 

In addition, Court of Appeal Tele-Chambers and Chambers will be limited to urgent or essential matters, as determined by the Chambers judge, until further notice.

Any matters currently on the Chambers docket will be reviewed by the current Chambers judge and adjourned if they do not meet the urgent or essential threshold and any matters that do proceed will be done by telephone.

All these measures will help to further reduce the number of people who need to visit the courthouses in person and help protect the health and well-being of the employees and judges sill working at the courthouses.