Cockpit warning forces crew of Cyclone helicopter to land in park near Halifax

A Canadian Cyclone helicopter during a training exercise, 2015

The crew of a Canadian Forces helicopter landed the aircraft in a park east of Halifax on Tuesday after they noticed a warning indicator in the cockpit.

No one was injured and no damage was reported after the CH-148 Cyclone touched down in Rainbow Haven Provincial Park in the afternoon.

The Royal Canadian Air Force says the helicopter was on a routine flight near its base at 12 Wing Shearwater, which is on the east side of Halifax harbour.

The military says the aircrew was following standard operating procedures for a "precautionary landing" when the decision was made to head for the seaside park, which is about 10 kilometres east of the base.

The Department of National Defence did not disclose further details, saying the incident is under investigation.

The helicopter was towed back to the base along local roads on Tuesday night.