Federal election campaign to officially begin Wednesday


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicks off his bid for re-election Wednesday, heading to Rideau Hall in the morning to ask the Governor General to dissolve Parliament.

With that will begin a 40-day campaign that will see Trudeau make the pitch to Canadians that he should be given a second term, while his opponents focus not just on why he shouldn't, but why they should govern instead.

Polls suggest the Liberals and Conservatives are running neck-and-neck, while the NDP and Greens are fighting for third.

Rounding out the slate are the People's Party of Canada and the Bloc Quebecois, which is hoping to recapture its primacy in Quebec.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will begin his election effort at a morning event in Quebec, the NDP's Jagmeet Singh is to kick off in Ontario and the Greens will begin in British Columbia.

Later in the day, Trudeau will be in Vancouver for a campaign rally with former TV news anchor Tamara Taggart, who is running for the Liberals in the riding of Vancouver Kingsway.