More than $200,000 raised for families of Chief William Saulis crew lost at sea

Chief Williams Saulis

A scallop fishing group has collected more than $200,000 for the families of the six fishers who went missing after their boat sank off the coast of southwestern Nova Scotia in December.

The Full Bay Scallop Association says it raised the money through a GoFundMe page, with contributions from companies, individuals and other ship owners.

The money will go toward the estates of the lost fishermen to cover funeral costs and legal expenses.

The association says any remaining funds will be divided equally between the estates of the fishers.

Captain Charles Roberts, Leonard Gabriel, Aaron Cogswell, Eugene Francis, Dan Forbes and Mike Drake were on their way back from a scallop fishing trip when their boat, the Chief William Saulis, sank. Only Drake's body has been recovered.

Last month, the Nova Scotia RCMP found the missing ship more than 60 metres below the surface of the water but said it was outside the maximum safe diving depth for the Mounties' underwater recovery team.