Covid-19 Cancellations

Nova Scotia State of Emergency

Under the state of emergency:

  • Nova Scotia borders remain tightened to travellers and all entry points (land, sea, air) are being closely managed. Nova Scotians should only leave if essential. Anyone entering the province from outside of Atlantic Canada will be told to self-isolate for 14 days. However, if someone has already self-isolated in another Atlantic Canadian province, they can enter Nova Scotia without self-isolating again. Exemptions for cross-border travel include healthy workers in trades and transportations sectors who move goods and people (e.g. truck drivers); healthy people going to work (e.g. health-care workers); and people travelling into the province for essential health services (e.g. chemotherapy treatment)
  • Parks and beaches have reopened. Social distancing guidelines must be followed.
  • Police will be authorized to enforce orders under the Health Protection Act. If Nova Scotians and businesses do not practice social distancing and self-isolation, they will face fines of $1,000 for individuals and $7,500 for businesses. Multiple fines can be given each day an individual or business fails to comply. Police can also enforce offences under the Emergency Management Act. For example, fines for charging higher than fair market prices for goods and services
  • There are several groups who are essential and exempt from gathering limits. They include but are not limited to grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies. If possible, one person per family should be designated to do these tasks. Other groups include construction sites, health-care services, community services (e.g. child protection), criminal justice services and law enforcement