WATCH: Members Of The Knack Perform 'Bye, Corona'


Two of the original members of The Knack have turned the band’s 1979 hit “My Sharona” into “Bye, Corona” – but the title is all they came up with.

“Some people have asked whether we were going to get around to doing our own Sharona/Corona parody song – because apparently there aren’t enough of them,” joked lead guitarist Berton Averre, 66.

“Sadly, our lead singer is no longer with us and trust me, you don’t want to hear me croak it out.”

Frontman Doug Fieger, who co-wrote “My Sharona” with Averre, died of cancer in 2010 at 57.

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In a video shared online, Averre sits down and plays guitar to an instrumental track of the song while tips on protecting yourself from COVID-19 scroll across the bottom of the screen.

Near the end of the video, The Knack’s bass player Prescott Niles, 65, appears to sing “Bye, Corona” with Averre in a split-screen.

Watch the video below:

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