Alleged former Colombian drug kingpin pleads guilty to manslaughter in N.S.


A Nova Scotia man Colombian authorities allege is a former drug kingpin has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter in a fatal shooting more than eight years ago.

Steven Skinner entered the plea in Nova Scotia Supreme Court on Tuesday as his four-week trial on charge of second-degree murder was set to begin in the April, 2011 death of Stacey Adams in Lake Echo, N.S.

The second-degree murder indictment was withdrawn after a deal was struck between Crown prosecutors and the defence for Skinner to plead guilty to the lesser charge, Global News reported.

Crown attorneys Eric Taylor and Robert Kennedy say their decision to offer a deal came down to the evidence they had available to them.

Taylor told reporters outside court the "Achilles heel" in the case was the fact they had witnesses who had refused to co-operate with police, Global News says.

Adams's family will have the opportunity to submit victim impact statements at Skinner's sentencing hearing scheduled for Sept. 16, while both the Crown and defence will submit an agreed statement of facts ahead of the hearing.