Amendments to the Denturists Act

Nova Scotia flag

Changes to the Denturists Act will allow the specialized dental-care professionals to use all their skills to help their patients.

The province says the changes introduced Wednesday will allow denturists to place removable dentures over implants while working as part of an implant team.

A release says denturists are trained in this technique, but only dentists are currently allowed to provide this service in Nova Scotia.

"Denturists play an important role in providing access to dental care to Nova Scotians," said Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey. "These amendments will bring their scope of practice in line with other provinces and will allow them to provide a service they have been trained to do."

The Department of Health and Wellness says denturists work exclusively with dentures and denture patients and this skill is part of the curriculum at all three accredited schools of denturism in Canada.

There are 38 denturists registered to practice in Nova Scotia.