B.C. government introduces legislation to ditch time change

daylight saving time

When most Canadian put the clock back one hour before going to bed Saturday night, it might be one of the last times that will happen in British Columbia.

The B.C. government has started an effort to formally do away with seasonal time changes.

Scholars in a variety of fields have been pushing for permanent daylight time for years, noting the original reason for the semi-annual shift has lost its relevance today and plenty of international research suggests the practice is actually dangerous.

But Canadian governments are unlikely to pull the trigger unless the United States, the country's largest trading partner, does so first.

Today, only Saskatchewan and some cities have opted not to embrace the seasonal changes and maintain one time zone year-round.

Lisa Kramer, a finance professor at the University of Toronto, says numerous studies have documented an increase in road accidents, workplace safety incidents and even heart attacks that can be linked to sleep disruption.