Candidate lists confirmed for the Oct. 17th municipal, CSAP elections


The deadline has passed and the candidates for next month's municipal elections have been confirmed.

Bill Mills, who has served as mayor of Truro since 1997, is once again on the ballot for the town's top job against Terry Baillie.

Incumbents Cheryl Fritz and Wayne Talbot are joined in Ward 1 by Gregor Archibald and Alison Graham-Fulmore.

In Ward 2, Tom Chisholm passed away in June and Brian Kinsman, first elected in 1994, is not reoffering, meaning there will be two new councillors.

Five people will be on the ballot: Jim Flemming, Jessica Frenette, Terry Matheson, Vince Roberts, and Bill Thomas.

In Ward 3, incumbents Cathy Hinton and Danny Joseph are joined by Juliana Barnard.

Incumbent Jerome Breau and Jessica Hinton will face off for the Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial (CSAP) Truro Electoral District seat.

The town will also be conducting a plebiscite around the ongoing issue of the urban deer population with the question, "Do you support a managed urban deer bow/crossbow hunt in the Town of Truro to control and reduce the urban deer population."

Officials say that detailed information on this topic will be distributed and included with the Voter Information Letter. 

The results will be reviewed and considered by town council in making a final decision.

For the Municipality of the County of Colchester, incumbent Christine Blair faces Bob Taylor for the position of mayor.

Blair defeated Taylor by 348 votes in 2016.

Four councillors have been acclaimed: Eric Boutilier in District 1, Geoff Stewart in District 3, Karen MacKenzie in District 6, and Tom Taggart in District 10.

Longtime councillors Bill Masters (District 2) and Ron Cavanagh (District 8) are the lone councillors to not re-offer.

The municipal and CSAP elections in Nova Scotia are scheduled for October 17th.

Voting in the Town of Truro is electronic, using either a phone or internet-enabled device, beginning at 1 p.m. on October 8th and running until 7 p.m. on election day.

Advance Poll dates for the county are October 8th, 13th, 14th, and 15th.

Municipal election candidates (to be updated as more municipalities confirm lists)

Municipality of the County of Colchester
Mayor Christine Blair (Incumbent)
  Bob Taylor
Councillor Eric Boutilier (Acclaimed)
District 1  
Councillor Heather Boyd
District 2 Laurie Sandeson
Councillor Geoff Stewart (Acclaimed)
District 3  
Councillor Mike Cooper (Incumbent)
District 4 John Vissers
Councillor Colleen Doucette
District 5 Lloyd Gibbs (Incumbent)
  Tim Johnson
Councillor Karen MacKenzie (Acclaimed)
District 6  
Councillor Mike Gregory (Incumbent)
District 7 John Sellers
Councillor Stanley Hampton
District 8 Edwin MacQuarrie
  Lisa Patton
Councillor Marie Benoit
District 9 Bob Pash (Incumbent)
  Sue Talyor
Councillor Tom Taggart (Acclaimed)
District 10  
Councillor Peter McCracken
District 11 Wade Parker (Incumbent)
Town of Stewiacke
Mayor George Lloy
  Wendy Robinson (Incumbent)
Councillor Audrey Armsworthy
(Six elected at large) Roseanne Chapman (Incumbent)
  Mary Commo (Incumbent)
  Susan Creelman (Incumbent)
  David LeBlanc
  Suzanne Lutz
  Theresa Rafuse
  Chad Ramsey (Incumbent)
  Rebecca Rogers-Laing (Incumbent)
Town of Truro
Mayor Terry Baillie
  Bill Mills (Incumbent)
Councillor Gregor Archibald
Ward 1 Cheryl Fritz (Incumbent)
(Two elected at large) Alison Graham-Fulmore
  Wayne Talbot (Incumbent)
Councillor Jim Fleming
Ward 2 Jessica Frenette
(Two elected at large) Terry Matheson
  Vince Roberts
  Bill Thomas
Councillor Juliana Barnard
Ward 3 Cathy Hinton (Incumbent)
(Two elected at large) Daniel Joseph (Incumbent)
Member of CSAP Jerome Breau (Incumbent)
  Jessica Hinton
Town of Amherst
Mayor Ed Childs
  David Kogon (Incumbent)
  Vaughn Martin
Councillor George Baker
(Six elected at large) Vince Byrne (Incumbent)
  Sheila Christie (Incumbent)
  Hal Davidson
  Lisa Emery
  Paul "Skippy" Farrow
  Dale Fawthrop
  Darrell Jones (Incumbent)
  Leon Landry
  Wayne MacKenzie (Incumbent)
  Roy T. Pettigrew
  Terry Rhindress (Incumbent)
Municipality of the County of Cumberland
Mayor Jason Blanch
  Murray Scott
Councillor Kurt Fawthrop
District 1 Fred Gould
  David March
Councillor Jillian Foster
District 2 Rod Gilroy

Jennifer Houghtaling (Acclaimed)

District 3  
Councillor Barbara Palmer
District 4 Kathy Redmond
Councillor Richard “Rick” James
District 5 Angela “Angel” McCormick
Councillor Mark Joseph
District 6 Douglas Williams
Councillor Ernest “Eddie” Gilbert
District 7 Dale Porter
Councillor Arthur “Art” Brown
District 8 Carrie Goodwin
  Lloyd Smith
  Marchel Strong
  Kenneth “Ken” Wood
Town of Oxford
Mayor Gregory Henley
  Arnold MacDonald
Councillor Wade Adshade (Acclaimed)
(Four elected at large) Carla Black (Acclaimed)
  Brenton Colborne (Acclaimed)
  Paul Jones (Acclaimed)
Municipality of the County of Pictou
Councillor Don Butler (Acclaimed)
District 1  
Councillor Deborah G Wadden (Acclaimed)
District 2  
Councillor Robbie MacInnis
District 3 Darla MacKeil (Incumbent)
Councillor Mary Wooldridge-Elliot (Acclaimed)
District 4  
Councillor Wayne Murray (Acclaimed)
District 5  
Councillor Robert G Parker (Incumbent)
District 6 Erinn Wright
Councillor David K Parker (Acclaimed)
District 7  
Councillor Peter Baird
District 8 Larry Turner (Incumbent)
Councillor Peter Boyles (Acclaimed)
District 9  
Councillor Donna MacGregor
District 10 Randy Palmer (Incumbent)
Councillor Gregg MacDonald
District 11 Andy Thompson (Incumbent)
Councillor Cory Hudson Chisholm
District 12 Chester F Dewar (Incumbent)
Town of New Glasgow
Mayor Nancy Dicks (Incumbent)
  Mark Firth
Councillor Russell Borden Jr.
Ward 1 Jocelyn Dorrington (Incumbent)
(Two elected at large) Elizabeth Paris
Councillor Clyde Fraser (Incumbent)
Ward 2 Mike MacInnis
(Two elected at large) Tammy MacLaren
  Bill Muirhead
  Jessie Parkinson
  Dawn Peters
Councillor Elizabeth Daley
Ward 3 Fred El Haddad
(Two elected at large) Joe MacDonald (Incumbent)
  Mike Slowik
Town of Pictou
Mayor Jim Ryan (Acclaimed)
Councillor Cam Beaton
(Four elected at large) Dan Currie (Incumbent)
  Jerry Cyr
  Eric Daley (Incumbent)
  Nadine LeBlanc (Incumbent)
  Melinda MacKenzie
  Shawn McNamara
  Kenny Paquet
  Kevin Pettipas
Town of Stellarton
Mayor Danny MacGillivary (Incumbent)
  Darren Stroud
Councillor Bryan Knight (Acclaimed)
Ward 1 Simon Lawand (Acclaimed)
(Two elected at large)  
Councillor Susan Campbell (Incumbent)
Ward 2 John Guthro
(Two elected at large) Brian Linthorne
  Garry Pentz (Incumbent)
  Trudy Vince
Town of Trenton
Mayor Donald Hussher
  Shannon MacInnis (Incumbent)
Councillor Steven Cotter
(Four elected at large) Alec Dove (Incumbent)
  VJ. Earle (Incumbent)
  Heather Hughes-Head
  Nicole Le Blanc
  Francis MacMillan
  Steven Stewart (Incumbent)
Town of Westville
Mayor Lennie White (Acclaimed)
Councillor Meghan Bragg
(Four elected at large) Wayne Hale
  Mitchell MacGregor
  Clarrie MacKinnon (Incumbent)
  Bernie Murphy (Incumbent)
  Betty Jean Sutherland
Municipality of East Hants
Councillor Sam Balcom
District 1 Sandra Garden-Cole
Councillor Stephen King (Incumbent)
District 2 Norval Mitchell
Councillor Eldon Hebb (Acclaimed)
District 3  
Councillor Ian Knockwood
District 4 Carl MacPhee
  Paul Preiss
  Marianne Stewart
  Kim Williams
Councillor Shannon MacWilliam
District 5 Keith Rhyno (Incumbent)
Councillor Ron Fortune
District 6 Wayne Greene (Incumbent)
  Angela Sanford
Councillor Julie Benoit
District 7 John A MacDonald
  Jonathan Nieforth
  Walter Tingley
Councillor Brandon Lynch
District 8 Michael Perry (Incumbent)
Councillor Elie Moussa (Acclaimed)
District 9  
Councillor John Douglas Boyd
District 10 Tom Isenor
  Lousie Parker
Councillor Andrew Cluett
District 11 Eleanor Roulston (Incumbent)
Member of CSAP Alfred M Benoit (Acclaimed)