Class action proposed at N.S. long term care home where 53 died from COVID-19


A Halifax law firm is proposing a class action against a Nova Scotia long-term care facility where 53 people have died due to COVID-19, claiming normal standards of care weren't met to protect against infection from the virus.

The Wagners firm issued a statement of claim on Tuesday, which has not been proven in court, alleging the non-profit complex in Halifax breached its obligations to residents through ``inaction and inadequate response.''

The court document filed June 1 claims the facility's practices caused the untimely deaths of residents, and harms, losses, and damages to their surviving family members.

It further alleges that the home's administration knew how the rapid spread of infection could be mitigated by maintaining and enforcing physical distancing since early March, if not sooner, yet moved too slowly.

The management of the facility was not immediately available for comment, and a statement of defence has not been filed.

The company has said that after the global pandemic was officially announced, residents continued to share rooms and bathrooms with one or even two others, common areas were not restricted, and visitors and staff were not closely regulated.