Colchester County councillor ordered to undergo workplace training

Robert Pash

Colchester County councillor Robert Pash has been ordered to undergo respectful workplace training following "an inappropriate comment of a sexualized nature" to a county employee during the municipality's Christmas party.

Council received the findings of an investigation by a third-party investigator at their meeting on Thursday in-camera and released the results Friday afternoon.

The key findings also found that as an isolated comment, the statement did not constitute harassment or sexual harassment but a repeated course of conduct of similar statements could be considered as such.

Council adopted a number of recommended measures, including that Pash must take training on "the importance of confidentiality in the course of an investigation".

It was determined that "the breach of confidentiality of the complaint and the councillor's public comments during the investigation is a significant concern as it serves as a possible deterrent to legitimate complaints being made in the future".

Council did not have a Code of Conduct in place at the time of the incident, but adopted one Thursday night and say they'll be working to improve it.

The press release states that council was made aware that Pash indicated he may commence legal proceedings against the complainant and the Chief Administrative Officer.

In addition, the CAO will provide a letter to the complainant confirming the complaint was found to be valid and that Council affirms the employee's right to advance such a complaint.

It will state that the breach of confidentiality and the threat of litigation are unacceptable and rejected entirely by council, with the group confirming that it will indemnify the complainant from any litigation that may be commenced as a result of the complaint.