Community-based vaccinations for Nova Scotian's over 80 to begin later this month

In July, a poll found the most Canadians wouldn't mind if it was mandatory

Public Health says community based vaccinations for Nova Scotian's aged 80 and over will begin later this month.

The first clinic will begin February 22nd in Halifax, and will inform how future clinics planned for next month in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), Truro, Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM), Kentville, Yarmouth, Antigonish, Amherst and Bridgwater are setup.

The province says anyone eligible to be vaccinated at these clinics will be contacted by mail.

Officials say age will determine the order of who gets vaccinated, with the group following those in their 80s to include those between 75 and 79, and continuing in declining five-year age blocks unil all Nova Scotians are vaccinated.

Pharmacists and physicians who want to administer shots at vaccination clinics will have the opportunity to when prototype clinics open in pharmacies in early March.

Government says those who work directly with patients, staff, residents and designated caregivers in long-term care homes, and those who work in Department of Community Services facilities will continue to be prioritized in Phase 1 of the Immunization Plan.

Anyone who works in a hospital with the possibility of patient contact, community-based doctors and nurses, dentists and hygienists, pharmacists and technicians, those who live or work in large group settings, who regularly travel in and out of the province for work or are responsible for food security will be made a priority in Phase 2.