Crown says release of N.S. mass shooting details could harm 'massive' probe


Prosecutors are arguing that fully revealing the information used to obtain search warrants following Nova Scotia's recent mass shooting could compromise the police investigation.

A media consortium is seeking to have a provincial court judge release blacked-out sections of the court documents submitted by the RCMP, as well as the results of the searches.

However, Crown prosecutors say in a submission to the court that material sealed to protect the investigation should stay sealed for six months -- adding that material blacked out to protect the interests of innocent persons should be sealed permanently.

Some family members of the 22 victims of the April shootings have complained that they haven't been told enough about what occurred during the rampage.

Most of the families are seeking to register a class action suit against the RCMP over their response during the shooting and arson events.

The gunman was shot and killed by police in Enfield, Nova Scotia.