Debert Court & Victoria Way shocking symptom of health crisis; PC long-term care critic

CKTB News- Long term care

The province's Tories say two local long-term care homes are a shocking symptom of a health crisis.

Recently, families of residents of Debert Court and Cedarstone Victoria Way in Truro received letters from the residences' management saying the lack of physician coverage was forcing big changes.

Those changes include:

- Not accepting new admissions for the time being, and assessing admissions on a case-by-case basis, providing the potential resident has their own doctor
- Any resident who requires physician care, and who doesn't have their own doctor, will be sent to the hospital
- Residents who are not under the care of their own doctor and have been sent to hospital will not be readmitted

PC long-term care critic Barbara Adams says the government's failure to recruit doctors is causing upheaval and concern for seniors who reside in long-term care homes in Debert and Truro.

Adams says the uncertainty that accompanies the changes at Debert Court and Victoria Way will cause many residents to worry they will be without a home if they need medical care.