Economy added 246,000 jobs in August, unemployment rate 10.2%

Statistics Canada office

Statistics Canada says the economy added 246,000 in August as the pace of job gains slowed compared with July, when 419,000 jobs were added.

The figure marked the fourth consecutive month of gains from COVID-19 related lockdowns this spring, bringing the number to within 1.1 million of pre-pandemic levels.

Gains in August were largely concentrated in full-time work, which had been lagging behind gains in part-time employment.

Employment also rose at a faster pace for women than men for the third straight month as Statistics Canada reported women gained about 150,000 positions in August compared to 96,000 for men.

The unemployment rate fell to 10.2 per cent in August compared with 10.9 per cent in July.

Economists were expecting a slightly higher gain of 275,000 jobs in August and an unemployment rate of 10.1 per cent, according to financial data firm Refinitiv.

Unemployment rate drops in Nova Scotia

Statistics Canada says Nova Scotia had the largest employment gain in August in Atlantic Canada, up 7,200, mostly in part-time work.

The province had a net gain of 8,900 part-time positions, but a loss of 1,600 full-time jobs.

Overall, the unemployment rate in Nova Scotia dropped half of a percentage point to 10.3 per cent in August.

That's the second-lowest in the region, behind New Brunswick which sits at 9.4 per cent despite a net loss of 700 jobs.

(With files from James Faulkner)